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Thank you so much to all of you that sent me emails and phone calls requesting for images of real women wearing some of our bags.

I took your requests onboard and organised a photoshoot to create a Lookbook that portrays how to style each of our handbags. I also wanted to show the actual size of each bag on the body (bearing in mind that most of our bags are designed to be generous in size to carry both your work and personal essentials).

Our theme for the shoot was kept in line with some of our brand values: to have fun with the bags, look elegant and keep it practical.

We worked with two amazing photographers, Alison White and John Baikie, shooting from two different studios on two different days, but the end results were exactly the same, capturing the look and style we set out to achieve.

Overall, we all had a good laugh, lots to eat and drink and a very fun day!

We are now working behind the scenes to choose the best images and put them on the website for you.

Brenda xxx


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