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We make beautiful, stylish handbags. And we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure each one is as unique and beautiful as the people who buy them.

We use only the finest Tuscan tanneries to tan our leather. It's a labour of love - it takes much longer to tan leathers by hand, and it costs more to do it. But it means that each piece of leather we use still has its individual grain.

Our tanners do their jobs because of their love for the art, not because it's easy. The method is also by far the most environmentally friendly - for people and the land - as it avoids using chromium in the process.

Our simple styles have a touch of vintage chic to them, and are as natural as it's possible for them to be. We want your bag to continue to evolve and grow with you. By tanning our leather by hand, the colour of the leather continues to deepen with use.

When you buy a bag from us, you know that you are buying your bag. It will be similar to other bags we sell, but no two bags we sell are ever exactly the same.

When Brenda started the company, her idea was simple:

"I decided to turn my love of handbags into a business by designing and creating bags that have heart and soul - using natural leather, no over processing, to leave the natural grain and patina in the leather un-spoilt".

We believe in keeping our styles simple, beautiful and functional - less is more. So that each and every time you reach for your handbag, you'll remember why you chose it in the first place.

To find out more about vegetable tanned leather, click here.


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