Inspirational Woman: Brenda Macleod



"I love Brenda Macleod Bags but...........I want to know more about the person behind the brand".

This is one of the comments I've been getting for some time now. It made me sit back and think, asking myself questions like: what is my inspiration? What inspired me to go out and start my own business? What is the DNA of the Brenda Macleod brand? What does the future hold for the brand?

It would be so easy to sit back and write you a long story about where I come from, how I started my brand and bla-bla-blah! but I'm not going to bore you with the story of my life, just basic facts that tell you in a nutshell what makes me tick!

I've done a few interviews over the past two years since I launched my brand but the one that sums up both me as a person and the Brenda Macleod brand is the one I had with, the leading website for professional women in the UK. To read my interview and get to know more about the brand and the future, please click here.

Happy Reading!


Brenda xxx


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