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Our Story

Brenda Macleod Handbags is a luxury handbag brand founded in 2014 by Brenda Macleod. Quality and craftsmanship are the hallmarks of the brand, and Brenda is very passionate about creating unique statement and carefully designed handbags which are beautiful but also practical and a pleasure to wear, touch and hold.

Every Brenda Macleod handbag combines traditional crafting techniques with distinctive and modern designs and a clean aesthetic. Each bag is practical, elegant and stylish and made for the independent woman who truly understands her style.

Designed in the UK and handmade in Italy from the finest Italian vegetable tanned leathers, with hand-stitched finishing and golden brass hardware, Brenda Macleod handbags are made to stand the test of time in every way. 

We select the finest leathers for our production, focusing on luxurious natural leathers. Natural leather is tanned using only natural vegetable dyes, there are no chemicals involved in the tanning process, no buffing and no artificial finish. This means that every piece of our leather is allowed to retain its individual and unique patina, and being such a natural product will age beautifully with deeper colour tones over time.

Keeping true to her brand's ethos, Brenda is involved in the entire production process - from idea conception to the last finishing touches of every bag. Each Brenda Macleod handbag stands out for its quality, beautiful shapes and carefully-placed details, and are designed to be as practical as they are beautiful and always wonderful to touch and wear.

We keep our styles minimal and modern, no fuss but great and beautiful designs with a lot of character. Each bag is named after a real person and the style is inspired by the person's personality, from family members to our loyal customers.

Brenda says " It is important that my handbags are not only elegant and unique, but also practical. I design for women with busy and demanding lives who truly understand their style and believe that standing out in the crowd is important to them".



British designer Brenda Macleod was born in Africa. She moved to the United Kingdom as an adult, settling in the beautiful city of Inverness, Scotland, a city that will later inspire the creation of her independent handbag brand.

Brenda has always had a passion for good quality leather accessories, especially handbags. While working in Finance, she desired a luxurious handbag that will be practical for her work needs and also stylish enough to be used everyday. Not finding what she wanted, she decided to create her own collection of luxurious, stylish and practical handbags suitable for everyday use.

To help enhance her creativity, Brenda attended the prestigious London College of Fashion and also spent some time in Italy to learn the traditional method of vegetable tanning. Being in Italy allowed her to source a manufacturer with strong family values and great craftsmanship.

Brenda has created a brand whose leather handbags are trusted all over the world to be timeless, good quality, elegant and practical for work and leisure.