Bags of Hope

Some of us have been incredibly lucky to have been born or raised in countries where we get good medical care. There are millions of women and children around the world, especially in third world countries who do not have access to good medical care and are dying from preventable diseases at a terrifying rate.

As a woman who has lived in a third world country, it became important to me to create a brand that would make a difference in the lives of these women and children.

So, we created Bags of Hope: a permanent initiative and part of our DNA, to fund life saving vaccines and provide good healthcare to vulnerable women and children in need.

We work by donating a proportion of our sales to two international organisations: United Nations Shot@life and Population Services International (PSI) programs in countries such as Nigeria and Zambia, where currently 1 in 6 children do not live to see their 6th birthday.

For every bag you purchase from us, you help give hope and a healthy future to vulnerable women and children who need them most.

United Nations Shot@life wants children everywhere to be happy and healthy. Sadly, children around the world are still dying unnecessarily from vaccine-preventable diseases – one child every 20 seconds. Shot@Life fights hard to give all children access to lifesaving vaccines, no matter where they live - Find out more here.

 Population Services International (PSI) - Pursuing universal health coverage through innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the actual health needs of people in developing countries. Find out more here.



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